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bubbleback variants-"dial"

this section is focus on mainly the different beautiful dial on bb, they are plenty, examples california, military self winding, double name, multicoloured, enamel etc.

examples in the picture is a tropica case 3696, double name, NFS

very rare " turtle perpetual" zell brother retailed bb

of my many years of collecting bb, i have yet to see a bb signed "turtle perpetual" by zell brothers, it is the first american retailer bringing in rolex into the US soil, this bb is a model 2764, all original from the aged dial to the crown and flat caseback, serial number is also a very early one, unique double name retailed bb, not to miss. *In early 30’s Hans Wilsdorf was approached by Zell Brothers, jewellers headquartered in Portland, Oregon who had a chain of jewellery stores in the North West of the USA and Canada. The Zell brothers asked to be the exclusive importer for Rolex in the North West of the USA and Wilsdorf agreed but the agreement with Gruen, any watches that Zell sold in the USA could not have Aegler movements also Wilsdorf would not allow the name Rolex to be used on dials even didn't have Aegler movements, because of that reasons the Rolex watches sold by Zell in the USA were branded "Turtle/Zell Bros”. After 97 years in downtown Portland, Zell Bros. closed in 2009.
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