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early oyster variants-"dial"

this section is focus on early rolex oyster with different dial name examples everest, firefly etc, retailer signing examples burcherer, mappins etc, special configuration examples half roman half arabic, military 24 hours etc, special dial material examples enamel dial, cloisonee etc.

examples in the picture is a oyster royal observatory with 24 hours inner dial, Sold.

oyster falcon

40's very pretty semi california military dial, model 4070, gold filled case, very pretty orig dial!!
 sold 23   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

oyster royal, pink tropica

very nice and clean dial royal, early issue, mid 30's, big barrel crown, great piece!
 sold 37   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

oyster turtle timer

early rolex entry into america by zell brothers
 early american rolex 43   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

oyster elegant california dial

this early oyster is so call a tropica case solid gold top, ss back, watch diameter 29mm without crown, this is a very rare original california dial, half roman and half arabic, very hard to come by.

 gorgeous dial 47   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

oyster eaton

14k, quarter cntury club , 25 years of solid service.
 sold 49   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

oyster, 50m=165 feet

rare depth signature
 sold 65   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

very rare "rolex" black tropica dial

this is by far the rarest early manual oyster i have seen, it has a dial which is missing the word "oyster", but it is 100% original, cased in a early 5 digits 2280 case, big size oyster crown, a true unique piece!!!

 sold 103   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

oyster centregraph, miltary dial

very pretty orig black centregraph, 24 hours dial, rare find!
 NFS 76   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

oyster speedking, sunken dial

two tone yellow gold/ss speedking sunken dial, very nice and simple orig early oyster.
 sold 85   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

oyster speedking, desirable orig black california dial

one of the very desirable black california dial in viceroy case.
 sold 92   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

early royal, orig mirror dial

very early piece of tropica dial oyster with big crowns
 sold 93   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

oyster regent 3351

canadian model, cushion case, pretty orig 24 hour dial, all parts original, runs well!!!
 sold 89   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

oyster solar aqua military

canadian rolex, pretty orig military dial, all parts correctly signed, great rolex.
 NFS 111   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex manual bb, scientific dial, very rare

this is a very rare scientific dial manual wind bb, very hard to come by, totally original! regulated for all climate, reglee aux temperature!!!
 NFS 128   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

scientific rolex

another great original scientific dial, in srew back case but not oyster, contractual case, rare style like bb, of course the highlight is on the dial and nothing else, the hardest dial to find!
 NFS 177   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

first series manual bb, the best scientific dial

this is probably the best scientific dial rolex ever made after  the enamel scientific, very seldom seen sub sec version, 3 pieces case, predecessor to bb, excellent early oyster example.
 sold 197   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

very rare oyster royalite 40's

obvoiusly this watch has a very pretty orig black 24 hours dial, gilt printing circle, the oyster case is also alike the canadian model, great collectable rolex!!!
 sold 233   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex viceroy, tonneau case, very pretty 24 hour dial

this is a very beautiful dress watch in the 30/40 era, pink gold bezel, 2 tone original 24 hour dial, 28mm, very nice example and extremely collectable!!!
 sold 220   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

very rare 40's black semi california 24 hours dial, 4220

this is by far one of the most difficult dial to source, look at the original gilt printing on the 24 hours circle, simple breath taking for period of 60's, very pretty early oyster with great dial in box, not to be missed!!!
 sold 214   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex army semi california 24 hours dial, 3139

excellent example of oyster army case variant, this piece has a very saught after blk semi cali dial, a very nice piece for early oyster collector, not many survived!!!
 sold 247   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

double name, manual wind bb 2765

early manual wind manual bb model, predecessor to automatic bb, flat back, original dial double sign dial, excellent all original example from the 40's, another great oyster variant!!!
 sold 248   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex osyter speedking, unusual wave dial

this is a very pretty unusual wave pattern dial, manual wind, 32mm, simple yet very collectable, if u like rare dial variant, this one will satisfy u.
 sold 252   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

vintage 40's rolex oyster "firefly" pg/ss 3121

i have been collecting early oyster for some time, trut me, it is extremely difficult to catch this "firefly", gorgeuos piece, look at its bezel, the black gilt original dial also adda lot of character to the watch, 29mm without crown, a must if u are into early oyster, definately a rare bird!!!
 sold 288   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex viceroy 24 hours military dial

this is a very rarely seen viceroy 3359 with very unique dial, nice pink gold dot bezel, very clean overall condition, recently serviced, all original from 40's.
 sold 416   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex majestic observatory

very rare 3 colour majestic in a tonneau case, observatory grade, this early oyster circa late 30's, with an original period band by zell brothers, medical hands, very nice piece to add in your early oyster collection.
 sold 339   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

9k manual wind bb, multi colour dial

this is a very rare 3 pieces case early 40's manual wind bb, all original, very interesting multi colour dial, blue steel hands, this is a very hard to come by variant.
 sold 405   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rare rolex imperial, double name

this is a very rare imperial chronometer carry a name imperial, model 2574 in the 30's, a double name early oyster with subsec is very hard to come by, do not miss if u are assembly a collection of early chronometer grade oyster.
 sold 429   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

9k scientific dial oyster

30's very rare procelian dial scientific oyster, step dial, rare original scientific seconds hand, 9k solid gold case, runs well, a dream for rare oyster dial collector.
 nfs 521   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

very rare orig 9k pink gold california double dial

this is by far one of the most interesting original california dial rolex i have had, it is engraved with a 3rd party logo on the dial, pls note the dial read "rolex" only, which is perfectly correct for this little snap back non oyster, stepped bezel, fixed lug, 27mm in diameter, triple signed on dial, movement, case, all original and runs well.

 sold 376   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rare early pink dial royal 3121

if u into early oyster 40's with rare dial, do not miss this all original subsec dial 3121, all original, the pink dial is making the entire watch very unique, runs well and keeping time.

 sold 383   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

super rare pink gold/ss semi california dial viceroy

this is an early viceroy model with very desirable original black semi california dial with mercedes hands, take a look at its dot machined bezel, a very pretty combination, runs well with recent serviced, do not miss.
 sold 388   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex military 24 hours semi cal dial

if u are into rare dial/military version of early oyster is one of the hardest to source dial, this dial is so nice that all the gilt print still very sharp, all parts original from early 40's, model 4220, excellent piece for your collection of early rolex.
 sold 396   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex oyster military dial

this is an early 40's military dial osyter, interestingly the word rolex oyster majestic were completed faded, u can only make it up from certain position, the gilt print original dial is a very interesting dial, runs well, model 4220, do not miss.
 sold 424   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

oyster speedking semi california dial

very nice original early 40's semi california dial oyster, model 4220, case diameter 29mm without crown, recently serviced, very original overall condition.
 sold 474   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

scarce manual wind bb 2765

the chances of finding a manual wind bb vs an automatic one probably is 1:100 or could be more, this one is an early late 30's manual wind bb shape oyster, very interesting yet simple dial, blue steel stick hands, oversize crown, all original, real hard to come by.
 sold 486   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

40's 3139 chronometer army cased

very seldom seen 3139 in black dial military style, subsec, chronometer grade, interesting dial variant, white script, original crown, nice fat case, chronometer grade movement, a very nice original vintage from the 40's.
 sold 495   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

semi california dial army 3139

very neat original pink colour semi california dial "army", model 3139 from the 40's, original top hat crown, great thick case, this is the dream vintage oyster for the very picky collector.
 sold 494   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

oyster elegant

very elegant original gold marker, gold hand roman dial elgante, carry an early serial with model 2574, original crown, runs well, an early osyter not to miss.
 sold 498   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

arab marker 1500

very hard to come by 1963 1500 date with rare arab marker, nice clean condition with matching rivited band, rare rare rare!!!
 nfs 520   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

imperial 2595 with scientific seconds

40's military dial imperial oyster with very desirable scientific seconds, the military black dial with silver print is so pretty, if your into the oyster world, u will know what i mean.
 sold 565   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

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