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bubbleback variants-"dial"

this section is focus on mainly the different beautiful dial on bb, they are plenty, examples california, military self winding, double name, multicoloured, enamel etc.

examples in the picture is a tropica case 3696, double name, NFS

military self winding sweep dial

self winding military dial is very hard to get, especially in this extra good condition, model 2940, autor rotor movement, runs well, flat back, all original, pretty!!!
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military self winding sub sec dial

this is maybe a must for many bb collector, it has a rare thunderbird bezel, orig self winding bull eye military 24 hour dial, aged but still very attractive, model 5045, perpetual movement, rare rare rare!!!
 sold 20   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

new old stock bb 5050

very nice nos bb, orig dial, in 95% condition.
 sold 82   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rare semi california 24 hour dial

very unique dial, extremely clean case, every part orig from the factory.
 sold 109   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rare bb, original orange mirror dial

this piece is all original, very hard to source dial, sometimes refer to tropica dial, though the dial is aged, but it is still very pretty.
 NFS 123   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex 14k pink 3130, double retail dial

this is a very pretty deep pink bb, correct reference 3130, very mint case and movement, desirable double dial, great watch!!
 sold 132   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex tropica solid deep pink gold 3696, great dial

this is a very nice example of early 3 piece case bb, its dial simply fantastic, 2 tone all original, selfwinding, solid deep pink top, great looking watch!!!
 sold 162   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex bb 3131, blush pink with bracelet

very interesting blush pink 3131 bubbleback, orig hard to find roman dial, excellent overall condition, good time keeper, do not miss!!!
 sold 255   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

the rarest bubbleback, centregraph 2940

u might see a lot bb with the retailer name on it, however to find one with the word "centregraph" in extremely hard, so far i have seen only 2 example surface in this regular size, almost all of them are self winding than the usual chronometer dial, with faded red 24 hours inner circle, a rare rare bubbleback.  
 NFS 234   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

40's rolex bubbleback, unique black " california" dial

wow, another great early bb, unique original semi california dial with gilt writing, a very great bb for your collection, do not miss, watch recently serviced, runs well.
 sold 403   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

very early 2nd series bb, self winding

this is one of my love bb, the dial is so simple yet so attractive, pls note it is an early self winding with no crown style dial, goldfilled case top, with a matching gf straight expansion bb band, very hard to come by!!!
 sold 269   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

"vegra" pink california bb

this is not viagra, but vegra, a retailer for rolex, anyone that collect bb might notice this 2764 has a very saught after pink california dial, and also for its special crown design, auto rotor movement, tin can flat case back, an early bb, very hard to come by.
 sold 341   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

early bb, rare mirror dial

this is a very rare 2nd series bb, late 30's, model 2940, flat back, gorgeous orig 3 tone mirror dial, dial of this early bb does not have the crown, and this early series carry a premium over the later version, again, for rolex, all is about the dial, great watch to have in any bb collection!!!
 sold 225   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

tropica bb, 3725, yellow gold top

this is a unique "tropica" case bb, it bear a unique refernce 3725 for this engined turn bezel version. great original dial with beautiful pencil hands, 3 pieces case, autor rotor movement, flat back, excellent example not to be miss!!!


 sold 261   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex bb 3133 24 hours military dial

another great find, very dial original military dial on an early 2nd series bb, pink gold dot bezel, runs well, recently serviced.
 sold 417   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

40's bb 3133, military dial

this si an early 40's military dial bb, model 3133 with inner 24 hours original dial, flat back, very nice all original condition, runs well, very hard to come by.
 sold 436   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

2nd series early bb, 3 pieces case

this is a very early bb immediately after the 1st issue, it still retain its 3 pieces case construction, but now the movement improve to the chronometer grade, the dial is still simple and nice, works well, if u are into serious bb collection, this is a must, all original.
 sold 409   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

mappin retailed bb

this is a very unique second series late 30's bb 2764, double name, mappin signed both on dial as well as the case back, simple original with subsec and blue steel hands, auto rotor movement, tin can case back, a very rare example, do not miss!
 sold 346   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

early pink dial bb, very nice 2940

this is a very neat and rare original pink luminous dial with its pencil hands, excellent clean case and movement, recently serviced, runs well, ready to go in any great collection.
 sold 411   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

arabic luminous dial 2940

circa early 40's, model 2940, interesting luminous dial, early bb always have its charming vintage look that modern rolexes cannot have, u know what i meant if u are a vintage collector.
 sold 513   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

unique dial bb 2764

very nice early bb, 2764, with very unique dial, arabic quarter, hard to come by original scientific dial with gold seconds, all parts original.
 NFS 512   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

30's 1st series bb solid gold criss cross dial

Are u always looking for the very rare early 9k solid gold criss cross self winding bb into your bb collection??

if u are collecting bb, this first series bb is your must, why? this is the first automatic watch of rolex, take a look at the movement, it has all the watchmaker instruction on it, as in the early intro period, not many wathcmaker is aware of how to repair the watch.

this historical piece is the first commercially successful automatic watch, after the failure of horwood, wigwag, autorist. rolex invent a rotor on top the normal hunter movement as a winding mechanism as your wrist turns.

thus design making the movement dome out and it has to be cased in a dome back, hence the name is the "bubbleback" being the nickname for this kind of automatic watch.

if u take a look again on this first series, all parts of it is not the same with the later model, it has a smaller case, and it is in 3 pieces contruction, it has a very simple dial, only the world rolex oyster perpetual is on, non chronometer grade, and it has a big barrel crown.

this historical piece is very seldom seen offer for sale, do not miss this opportunity.

 sold 375   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

early self winding dial bb 3133

here a very seldom seen early original "self winding" dial military bb, 2nd series auto rotor movement, 2 tone 3 pieces case, very unique all original running vinatge bb, do not miss.
 sold 425   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

very rare roman dial bb 2940

this is a very nice looking small roman numeral early 40's bb, this kind of dial is very saught after and seldom seen, all parts original, runs well, seldom seen.
 sold 430   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

original early semi california bb

this is a very nice looking semi california, nice dial, very neat case with rare reference 3134, flat back, autor rotor movement, everything u would want a bb to have, do not miss!!
 sold 497   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

very rare "gammeter" bb 2940

another very hard to come by double name "gammeter" bb 2940, this is the first time i have it life, used to see it in some japanese watch magazine, it does have a very solid case, oversized vintage crown, a rare bb for sure!
 sold 469   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

early 3132 bb with rare pink dial

very nice pink gold/ss sub sec bb with very hard to find dial, the dial is original but show aged, stil very nice in person, watch movement is very nice, runs well with recent serviced, do not miss.
 sold 444   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rare bull eye bb 4919

very hard to find original bull eye from the late 40's, model 4919, machined bezel, all original, recently serviced, a rare dial bb if u are familar with the variant.
 sold 446   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

tropica deep pink bb 3696

this tropica bb ( top solid pink gold and bottom ss), has a very nice looking original pink tropica dial with its blue steel hands, flat back, orig pink crown, very nice overall condition.
 sold 449   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

very rare gilt dial 6084

this is a bigger size bb with very seldom seen original black gilt dial, all original with its direct push super oyster crown, runs well and come with a spring loaded oysterband.
 sold 450   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

14kt special roman dial 3131

this is a very nice looking and clean 14kt 3131, serial 3xxxxx from the 40's , very seldom seen original roman dial in deep salmon colour, orig pencil hands, clean shiny movement recently serviced.
 sold 453   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

2940 369 dial with orig bracelet

very unique luminous dial 369 marker, seldom seen on a 2940, clean case, very nice overall condition, and an original straight end early rolex oysterband, recently serviced, runs very strong, a very complete early example not to be missed!!!
 sold 454   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

early 2 tone bb 3133

up for u to consider is a simple yet elegant bb from the 40's, attractive original dial, flat dome back, model 3133, clean movement, recently serviced, do not miss!
 sold 468   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rare selfwinding bull eye military dial

another rare original self winding 24 hours military bull eye dial for u to consider, this kind of bull eye circle dial is very saught after if u are collecting bb dial variant, early 40's, model 2940, flat back, very clean movement with recent serviced, running strong and keeping accurate time, if u are a serious collector, do not miss.
 sold 470   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

ladies pink tropica "double name" bb

very nice late 30's ladies pink gold top, tropica bb, model 3896, original double name retailer dial, subsec, come with an ultra rare orig bracelet, nice working condition, shouldn't miss.
 sold 477   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

roman dial 2940 with orig grey feres band

very nice original roman dial bb 2940 from the 40's, every parts original including the grey feres bamboo bracelet, keeping good time, do not miss.
 sold 478   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

very rare " turtle perpetual" zell brother retailed bb

of my many years of collecting bb, i have yet to see a bb signed "turtle perpetual" by zell brothers, it is the first american retailer bringing in rolex into the US soil, this bb is a model 2764, all original from the aged dial to the crown and flat caseback, serial number is also a very early one, unique double name retailed bb, not to miss. *In early 30’s Hans Wilsdorf was approached by Zell Brothers, jewellers headquartered in Portland, Oregon who had a chain of jewellery stores in the North West of the USA and Canada. The Zell brothers asked to be the exclusive importer for Rolex in the North West of the USA and Wilsdorf agreed but the agreement with Gruen, any watches that Zell sold in the USA could not have Aegler movements also Wilsdorf would not allow the name Rolex to be used on dials even didn't have Aegler movements, because of that reasons the Rolex watches sold by Zell in the USA were branded "Turtle/Zell Bros”. After 97 years in downtown Portland, Zell Bros. closed in 2009.
 sold 483   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

deep pink tropica 3696 military

here a fantastic all original deep solid pink top, tropica 3696, with a fantastic military selfwinding dial with seldom seen scientific handset, all original and runs well.
 sold 499   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

early bb 2764 " controlee offciellement"

very interesting early bb 2764 with rare numeral dial with subsec, above the subsec its say controlee offciellement, could be another language for movement grading, but i have yet seen another example of this type, flat back with rolex emblem, auto rotor movement, everything from the late 30's, do not miss!!
 sold 502   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

very rare beyer bb 2764

this is a very fine example of bb in the early 40's, nice black dial with gilt print, subsec, flat case back, and obviously the very rare dial retailed by beyer, recently serviced, a superb piece to add in a serious bb collection.
 sold 526   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

miltary dial bb 3725

this is by far one of the hardest to come by bb dial, house in a solid top case with ss back, commonly refer to "tropica case", model 3725, circa 40's, flat case back, runs well and keeping time.
 sold 563   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

40s original roman dial bb 3372

very nice all original 2 tone 3372 with a matching period bracelet. runs well with recent service.
 sold 700   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

40's orig military dial bb

WW2 vintage, nice original patina dial 2764, arabic marker with inner curve self winding, even the red seconds hand is original, what a beauty.
 sold 702   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

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