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bubbleback variants-"dial"

this section is focus on mainly the different beautiful dial on bb, they are plenty, examples california, military self winding, double name, multicoloured, enamel etc.

examples in the picture is a tropica case 3696, double name, NFS

30's 1st series bb solid gold criss cross dial

Are u always looking for the very rare early 9k solid gold criss cross self winding bb into your bb collection??

if u are collecting bb, this first series bb is your must, why? this is the first automatic watch of rolex, take a look at the movement, it has all the watchmaker instruction on it, as in the early intro period, not many wathcmaker is aware of how to repair the watch.

this historical piece is the first commercially successful automatic watch, after the failure of horwood, wigwag, autorist. rolex invent a rotor on top the normal hunter movement as a winding mechanism as your wrist turns.

thus design making the movement dome out and it has to be cased in a dome back, hence the name is the "bubbleback" being the nickname for this kind of automatic watch.

if u take a look again on this first series, all parts of it is not the same with the later model, it has a smaller case, and it is in 3 pieces contruction, it has a very simple dial, only the world rolex oyster perpetual is on, non chronometer grade, and it has a big barrel crown.

this historical piece is very seldom seen offer for sale, do not miss this opportunity.

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