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vintage rolex perpetual

this section focus on variants of various perpetual model
picture shown 14kt perpetual with limited coca cola co-brand dial, Sold

rare new old stock 14k eaton quarter century, bombe lug

new old stock!!! this is the last series eaton 14k century club, automatic movement, desirable bombe lug, mint orig dial, not many of this condition survive.
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rolex truebeat 6556, post model

this rare timepieces is the most undervalued professional watch by rolex, i think it may catch up in price soon, however this piece do not tick, it sweep, its beta ticking set seems not there, no sign of removal, could it be a post model?? moodel 6556, calibre 1040.
 sold 149   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

thunderbird, yellow/ss

classic yellow/ss thunderbird
 NFS 68   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

thunderbird, red gold / ss

rare red gold/ss thunderbird
 NFS 69   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

thunderbird, white gold / ss

rare white gold/ ss thunderbird.
 NFS 70   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

white gold president

vintage model
 president 72   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex thin case osyter perpetual "Deepsea"

this is a very rare rare model, not many survived in this all original condition. model 6352.
 sold 127   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

vintage tudor chronograph

this is a very desirable tudor chrono in black dial, automatic movement, all original, great watch!!
 NFS 136   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rare boxed rolex zephyr, black trubeat style dial

this 6582 is quite unusual, it has a its typical bezel, and an orig black true beat type cross dial, in box, very clean overall condition, good watch for investment!!

 sold 137   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex prototype explorer 6298

this sis a super rare example, u may find many 1016 but this early protype explorer is hard to come by, oversized, half bb  movement, clean orig dial, what more need to say?
 sold 154   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex black texture explorer type dial 6564

very hard to source orig dial black texture dial perpetual, for perpetual series collector, a must, don't miss!
 sold 142   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex everest 5505

this is a very rare everest, the second piece i have not seen for many years, orig dial lightly aged, dome back, if u collect perpetual series, this one u should't miss!
 sold 159   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex orange criss cross texture dial explorer 5500

this is a very pretty and unique texture quick criss cross explorer 5500, not an airking convert, both case and case back correct signed 5500, and the dial is in unusual orange tone, criss cross, seldom seen, trust me, investment grade rolex, price for watch head only!!!
 sold 160   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex explorer date, 5701

the hardest explorer to source, if u collect explorer 5701 explorer is a must, even mr. james dowling has it in his own collection, this piece is from early 60's and in all original condition, should't miss! see mr.james collection

 sold 172   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rare step dial trubeat style perpetual, 6564

this is a very pretty and hard to come by perpetual, model 6564, calibre 1030, take a look at its dial, it is one of the hardest dial to source for regular perpetual, do not miss if u are collecting perpetual series!!
 sold 210   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

early series rolex datejust, 6605

very pretty early series datejust, coin edge engine turn bezel, 1040 1/4 movement( very much like the true beat),gorgoues original black dial, orig fold jubileee band, excellent overall condition, very collectable piece!!!
 sold 224   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

early 6605 datejust, 1065 movement

this is a very vinatge looking all original late 50's datejust, powered by cal 1065 movement, clean and runs well, it has a unique machined bezel, a very distintive design, also it comes with red/black date wheel, which makes the entire watch looks extra nice.
 sold 418   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

scarce 1630 perpetual in quartz case

if u are into limited production, this quartz design perptual 1630 u should not miss along with its brother 1530, this piece come with the box and ppaer, great piece to add in anyone collection.
 sold 335   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

coca cola presentation watch, airking date 5701

this is a 25 years presentation watch by 'coca cola' on airking date 5701, if are into vintage perpetual, u may know airking date is rather hard to come by, the this 2 tone coin edge 5701 is even hardly to source.

it has a 1520 movement with date, case back 1500, strange but correct to model, and a matching old jubilee bracelet.

all original and in gret clean condition, runs well and very collectable.

do not miss.
 sold 358   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rare airking date 5700

here up for sale is a nice all original condition airking date model 5700, serial 5 million, late 70's, orig blue dial, 1520 recently serviced in a light oysterband.
 sold 384   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

14k bombe lug quarter century

60's very rare 14kt gold quater century, model 5590, bombe lug case, 1530 movement, all original, very collectable.
 sold 451   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rare 50's oversize perpetual 6614

 sold 455   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

1st series 1601

1601 datejust is a common model, but try and find a 1960 1st series is a hard job, it has many tiny different in details as compare to the later version, firstly it has a milled bezel, the text of the dial is smaller, the movement also has a diff rotor and a older 1560 calibre, outer caseback does have some incription.

this is an all original 56xxxxx, circa 1960 1601, the hands are solid gold, and the nice part is the total correct light bracelet, with correct 55 j endlink.

if u want something different, this is the one.

 sold 456   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

50's bull eye dial perpetual

a very nice all original oyster perpetual, some of this model has the deepsea wording on it, model 6532, nice aged original dial, 1030 movement runs well and keep time, come with a 12 links original rivited 7205/60 bracelet.
 sold 458   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rare cocal cola 1005

another great find, 14kt 25 years service watch from the renowned coca cola from the 60's, getting very hard to come by, all original.
 sold 462   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rare bird, tru beat 6556

for u to consider a very rare seldom on offer 6556 tru beat, original dial with vertical+ horizontal line, both numbers between lugs clear, serial 112xxx, caseback 1 56, cal 1040 , sadly dead beat mechaniscm was gone during serviced, runs well and keeping good time.
 sold 464   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

special american heritage perpetual 6564

very nice 50's perpetual model 6564, with the rare original american herirage logo dial, the crown is a non rolex, the caseback does have some dent, 1030 movement runs well.
 sold 476   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rare metropolitan 5500

this 5500 could be the very early batch of 5500 from 1957, carry a serial 285xxx, caseback correctly chop 57, with an unusal original "metropolitan dial" with sunken indices.
it has a calbre 1530 all gold plated, which is the first time for me, very likely a 1530 from 57 is also very first batch or prototype, i stand corrected.
do not miss.
 sold 481   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

dress explorer 5500

very nice all original 5500 dress explorer debut in canada in the 50's, both serial 369xxx and 5500 is clear between lugs, 1530 movement, original bull eye dial, serviced by rolex centre, box included but no more papers, seldom come by.
 sold 484   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

pre explorer 6298

circa 1953 big 35mm size pre explorer 6298, serial 928xxx, jumbo size feeling, house with bb movement, very original, from the crown to the dial, recently serviced, runs well and keeping good time.

 sold 485   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

tudor turn o graph

here for u to consider a big size 40mm tudor 90800, serial 912xxx, the black mate dial give a very nice contrast to the watch, cheap and collectable rolex tudor for daily use.
watch runs well but service history unknown.
 sold 489   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

50's trubeat 6556

nice original trubeat 6556 from 1956, nice case with clear 6556 and serial 139xxx in between lugs, cal 1040, sadly the dead beat was taken away during service, happen to most trubeat, still a very important piece to have in your rare rolex collection
 sold 505   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

original pre explorer 6098

for u to consider a very nice pre explorer 846xxx, model 6098, nice jumbo size 36mm perpetual, all original, come with a rarely seen super oyster crown, original big bb movement, inner caseback correct stamp 6098, a very desirable pre explorer, not to miss.
 sold 511   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

blue stella 1803

very hard to come by all original 1803 yellow gold blue stella dial, 3 million series, there is a hairline crack at 59 min area, lovely president, for the hardcore daydate collector
 nfs 516   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

tudor coca cola

hard to come by tudor double name coca cola 14k US production, we often seen the rolex version but much less for tudors, original explorer style dial, correct screw down case back, this is a must for hardcore tudor collector.

 sold 522   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

p drill airking 5500

double name airking from the 80's, 5 million series, p drill, with all the correct corresponding on the caseback, very interesting original watch, i intentionally left it untouch for its originality, runs well.
 sold 523   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

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