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1675 gloss gilt box/paper

here for u to consider a very nice looking gloss gilt 1675 from 1965, 1.4 million series, both numbers in between the lugs visible, it come with a box and a correct hand written paper with both serial/model matching, the lume on the dial looks like a relumed, but very nice in person, original gilt gloss dial, there is a tiny touched up on the word "iss" can't be seen by naked eye, refer to scans.
case back is correctly dated 65, movement runs well and keeping good time, fitted with a light original jubilee band.

 sold 432   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

last series tudor submariner 79190

 sold 24   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

lifesaver 3794

a very rare lifesaver 3794 circa 40's, scarce extra wide machine bezel, auto rotor movement, runs well and keeping time, come with an original oyster band, hard to find example.
 sold 28   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

silver full hermetic by zenith, dominant

this is a very desirable first waterproof attempt, sunken dial, enamel number, silver double case , zenith movement, running strong , i have also seen a rolex named submariner for the same exact examples, auction house valuation over $5000, rare rare rare!!
 sold 34   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

oyster royal, orig criss cross dial

very unique dial, 2280, early royal.
 sold 97   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

1st series manual wind bb, 2233

3 pieces case, orig dial, double signed, big crown, rare find!!
 sold 99   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex ladies datejust 69174

Rare luxury ladies size 29mm with crowns rolex ladies datejust 69174 white gold/ss, beautiful rose roman dial, one owner, reference number S 186572 IN Jan 1995!!! Authentic minty condition 100% rolex datejust ladies as new, jubilee link in good condition!!! it has a very minty original all authentic high grade automatic rolex movement, runs very well, original off white dial in near mint condition, overall in excellent condition, u will be very pleased, all parts original and triple signed, no surprises, no disappointment.
 sold 36   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex oyster octagon, 3 pieces case, double signed solar aqua

this is a very first so called original oyster, early attempt for waterproof, dustproof, 3 pieces case, movement still has its protective cap, big barrel crown, great find!!!
 sold 186   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

limited edition 18k/ss cartier santos automatic

classic piece, limited marron dial all original, very clean, gorgeous 18k/ss case, automatic, low price, do not miss.
 sold 105   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex silver full hunter, black enamel dial

this is a very rare full hunter, silver cased, screw back, 35mm in diameter, some repair on the wire lugs, still a very nice looking watch, runs well, a must for early rolex collector!!
 sold 58   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

full hunter, enamel dial

full hunter is an interesting enamel variants, u have flip the top in order to view the time, a refine version direct from pocket watch era, this piece uses solid steel case, 35mm, mint case and dial, running well, ready to show off!!!
 sold 59   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

oyster junior sport, double dial

 sold 60   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex military victory in orig oyster box

canadian model victory, see action, in orig oyster box and paper booklet, rare find!!!
 sold 39   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

1st series bb

 swap 45   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

semi california dial bb tropica 3725

 sold 48   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

oyster speedking, unique original california dial

california dial is always the most popular dial rolex ever made in the 40's, half roman half arabic, great design, the dial does show some age, but all original, 28mm, model 4220, 10 1/2 hunter, low price, not to miss!!

 sold 61   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

bb black mirror dial, 3135

early 40's very pretty and outstanding sub sec bb, gorgeous mirror dial, gold stick hands, running great, a good one to anyone collection.
 sold to italy 117   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

oyster viceroy 3116, orig california dial

great timepiece,oyster speeking in viceroy style case 3116, 30mm, very sought after orig california dial.
 sold 148   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

bb 3372, engine turn bezel, roman dial

unique mid 40's bb, 3372, great original roman dial, neat watch, engine turn bezel, great running condition, don't miss!
 sold 118   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

bubbleback, 2940

very beautiful dial bb from early 40, all orig!!!
 sold 79   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

2 tone automatic octagon cartier santos

very nice men size 28mm automatic cartier, two tone, nice one to add into your cartier collection, low price!! 
 sold 63   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

30's 3 pieces silver oyster cushion, bull eye enamel double name

very desirable original oyster, bull eye enamel dial, some lines, but ok, double name retailer signed, silver case, early waterproof attempt, big size 33mm, 3 pieces case, milled bezel, big orig vintage crown, prima movement, good working condition, rare find!!!
 sold 106   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

ladies 9k oyster viceroy, 3 tones mirror dial

very rare ladies viceroy, solid 9k gold, solid lug, orig 3 tones dial, orig crown, orig dust cover, high grade movement, may require oiling, rare find.
 sold 96   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex bb black scientific dial 2940

very nice bb, excellent scientific dial, strong movement, low price, don't miss, price do not include bracelet.
 sold 131   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex 14k bb, engined turn bezel, unusual semi military dial

this is a very good solid 14k yellow gold 5015, with a very good semi california+ military dial, engined turn, runs very well, vintage top hat crown, shouldn't miss for bb collector!
 sold 155   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

mid size bb 3767, black california dial

Wonderful piece 40's 3767 ,ss mid sized beautiful refinished black sub second dial, original crown, mercedes hands, great case, clean and strong running movement, rare find!!!
 sold 35   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

two tone bb 5015

very neat watch, good condition and great running vintage bb.
 sold 81   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

mint bb, orig sub sec bb 3132

rare refer, very mint bb watch, for the very fussy, take a look
 sold 115   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex demi hunter, enamel numeric

very rare early rolex demi hunter, silver case, onion crown, 30mm, original sunburst dial, very nice watch, runs but may need adjustment.
 sold 90   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

engined turn bezel bb, "self winding"

hard to come by self winding dial signing bb, auto rotor movement, engined turn, case back signed 6050, runs well, low price, don miss!!! 

 sold 107   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

18k early manual wind bb

very hard to come by 18k manual wind bb, serial 30728, late 20's, 3 piece case, orig dial, solid lugs, rare!!!
 sold 108   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

early 2nd series solid 10k gold datejust 6305

this is an all original 2nd series 6305 datejsut, black gilt dial with all red calender, the case still retain the bb straight inner lug design, many many early datejust exist, the band and buckle of the watch is also original, very saught after early bb after the 4467!!!
 sold 125   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

early rolex gmt 1675 small pointer, box, paper

the most saught after gmt after the no crown guard 6542, small pointer, white faded bezel, totally untouched, in box and chronometer paper.

 sold 164   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

early 9k soild gold oyster 2227, ultra prima

hard to come by early chronometer grade, orig unsigned dial, rare refer 2227, very neat watch, 28mm, pretty.
 sold 116   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

bb roman sub sec dial, light pink 2940

this bb has a very light pink feeling orig roman dial, very hard to get a sub sec bb, runs well, do not miss!
 sold 121   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex miltary sub sec bb

gorgeous dial, very early piece, 5 digits reference back in 1937/38, mint overall cosmetic condition, shouldn't miss!!!
 sold 126   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

very rare 18k solid pink gold rolex semi bb 6085

for those who like a bigger size bb, great piece, very neat condition, solid deep pink gold 18k, getting hard to source ths type of watches nowadays!!
 sold 130   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

14k solid gold rolex semi bb 6084

for those who like to own a bigger size bb, very pretty cosmetic condition, low price, clean movement.
 sold 129   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex 25 years cola cola perpetual

this is a very mint 1005, co brand coca cola in excellent original condition, very hard to locate this type of watches as rolex do not allow co brand anymore, this piece remind me the eaton century club, u have to service for 25 years to earn this, no where u can buy in the store, the last time i saw this piece were sold for $3300 years ago, do not miss! 
 sold 157   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

manual wind bb 2765

another great vinatge rolex, predecessor to bb but in manual winding, refer 2765, orig pink dial with blue steel mercedes hands, rare watch from 1938!!!
 sold 133   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

early rolex bb mirror dial, 3135

this is an early bb with two tone dial configuration, very clean overall condition, 2nd series auto rotor movement, getting hard to come by from early 40's!!!
 sold to italy 134   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex athlete, black california dial, 4127

this is a very rare athlete case royal, model 4127, refinished california dial, look at its straight lug, the close brother is the automatic version, call empire model, extremely hard to find, do not miss!!
 $2499 244   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

ladies rolex tudor turtle by friedlander

very scarce and collectable model, name use by rolex in the early days in usa market, mint case, great piece, don't miss!
 sold to usa 140   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

last series rolex bb, prototype semi movement

this is the last series bb from the 50's, semi flat rotor, model 6050/2, super osyter crown, clean movement and case, all correct model, orig explorer type sub sec dial, very collectable, not many survived!!
 sold 139   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex 14k blush pink gold bb

this is a very nice example of pink gold bb, model 3131, it has a lighter blush pink gold case as oppose to the deep pink gold, very nice overall condition, great piece!!
 sold to usa 141   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex orig military dial bb, self winding

very rare tropica case bb, complete with orig box and guarantee paper, orig military dial, 32mm, running very strong, total untouched condition, top collection bb! 
 sold 143   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex 14k zephyr

another great looking rolex solid gold, refer 1008, look at its very special bezel, and the criss cross dial, typical zephyr class, all original, low price, 33mm, running great, don't miss!
 sold 145   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex army military dial, 3139

another very rarely offered army case early rolex, gorgeuos black military dial, 30mm, u don't want to this rare rolex, great running condition, investment class!
 sold 146   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex submariner 5513/5512 back, excellent condition

very saught plastic submariner 5513, 9 million, it has a 5512 back, overall 90% condition, pretty patina on the marker, do not miss!!!
 sold 202   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex bubbleback with orig explorer style diall

this gold tone bb has a very rare original dial, overall watch in nice condition, some wear on the lud edge but still a very pretty bb, in great working condition!!!
 sold 150   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex sterling silver large 3 pieces case military pilot

this is a very rare enamel military pilot watch, very saught after 3 piece case construction screw front and back, big size 35mm without crown,transitional movement, solid 925 silver case, very collectable, don't miss!
 sold 151   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

early rolex army royalite, 3139

this is a very unusual early oyster, model 3139, army casel,30mm without crown, gorgeous 2 tone pink purple rolex oyster royalite dial, vintage crown, runs great,a good piece to add in any collection! 
 sold 152   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

large 9k tonneau, orig black california dial

this is the biggest version of viceroy style case, 33mm without crown, 3 pieces solid 9kt yellow, excellent original california dial, very elegant looking watch, high end movement, great piece to own!!
 sold 175   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex bb unusual round barrel shape, full bb 4392

this is not a common seen half bb example, rather it is a typical bb with fully sealed movement from the 1948, great orig dial and very mint overall condition, take a look the shine of the movement, a must for purist!!
 sold 156   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

1938 rolex bubbleback 3134

this is a very early issue of bb, immediately after the introduction of first series bb with watchmaker instruction movement, it has a slightly smaller case by 1mm, look at its case back signing, unusual piece!
 sold to japan 161   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex royal observatory, great dial 2280

another very good dial oyster from the late 30's, similar 24 hours dial to rolex bb 3696, but in subsec, if u like original rare dial early piece, do not miss this one!!!

 sold 163   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex gmt master 18/ss transitional quickset-root beer dial

this is a very collectable gmt master transition period 1984, dial still signed oyster perpetual than the later perpetual date, plastic mirror with quick set movement, it comes with osyter style italian band, a nice and wearable daily use sport series.
 sold 170   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex 14k gold filled 25 years of service, 1520 movement, box and paper.

this is a rare watch, it is a snapback, but with 1520 automatic movement, very nice and clean case, staright lug like the athlete, 25 years service award piece like the eaton and coca-cola, and it is equipped with full sets inner and outer box, with very rare guarantee paper.
 sold 169   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex athlete, black california dial, 4127

this is a very seldom seen rolex athlete, gorgeous black california dial, straight lug with cyclinder type of body, important manula wind oyster variation.
 sold 173   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex boy size bb, orig california dial

this is a very unusual boy size 28mm bubbleback, model 3772, very seldom seen orig cream california dial, orig mercedes hands, hard to find!
 sold 171   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

3 pieces octagon oyster, enamel dial

this is a man size 32mm early oyster in octagon shape, a great watch with enamel dial, hard to come by, calire 59, early attempt of water and moistureproof, great running condition, don't miss!
 sold 178   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex oyster cushion enamel, 3 pieces case

this is the original oyster cushion in enamel dial , refer as sportsman watch in those days,  from the 20's, milled bezel, 3 pieces case, mid case is snowhite, case back ss steel, nice white enamel dial, clean case, very nice overall condition!!
 sold 181   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rare rolex everest, 3139

this is a very rare army case everest for the raf pilot over mountain evest in the late 30's, take a look at its sharpa nd unique case construction, and the unique hallmark at the outer case back, a great oyster variant, completely original.
 sold 188   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex army semi california 24 hours dial, 3139

very attractive early oyster, hard to find original unique dial, army has a very unique chshion type of case, take a look at its bezel cutting, very nice and all original early variants, runs well do not miss!
 sold 198   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex submariner 14060M 2004 with paper

almost mint 2004 rolex submariner non date 14060M, 12 links, sapphire class, this one u can wear and dive, but do not do it with others of mine vintage piece, don't cause me heart attack!!
 sold 196   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex manual bb, orig texture dial, 2765

this is a predessor model to bb, 2 pieecs case, great beautiful texture dial, high chronometer grade movement, model 2765, 31mm in diameter, a much rarer model then the automatic bubbleback, not many survived!!!
 sold 222   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

scarce military air giant 4365

this is a military watches issue in the 40's by rolex, model 4365, a gold tone tropica upper body and a ss case back, original dial, great working condition, diameter 34mm without crown, great watch for vintage lover, not many survived!!!
 sold 232   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

80's datejust 16013 with original paperX 2

this owner only collect watches with paper work , rare opportunity to own a popular famous 16013 with complete paper, the price may be at premium, but the watch will have more potential for investment as compare to the less complete set.
 sold 201   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

1980 submariner late series matte maxi dial

this 7 million submariner has the characteristic of the maxi, the word submariner is on top of the depth rating unlike the earlier model, thin font, marker very close to lum, open 6 etc.
watch is in very nice overall condition, clean dial, nice bracelet, claen movement runs well but not recently service, and it has a box with it.
 sold 289   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex gmt 16750 matte, real transitional

this is a harder to find matte dial 16750, correct 7 million series, not the later gloss dial swap, this real transitional is much harder to source than the earlier 1675, combination of a quickset movement with all vintage dial and plastic cystral, grab it before it gets higher!!!
 sold 272   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

early rolex viceroy 3359, nice original luminous dial

this is a very nice looking early 40's rolex viceroy, tanneau shapestick hands, great manual wind oyster variant, 30mm in diameter, great watch not to be miss!
 sold 205   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

2nd series early rolex explorer, 6610

this is a 1958 second series explorer, gilt dial, matching gold hands, calibre 1030, extra clean case, an early explorer not to be miss!
 sold 206   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

original manual wind bubbleback, black military dial, royalite

this si a very important manual wind variant, it has a piece case same as the bb, a very good 24 hour military dial, big barrel crown, an early piece saught after by collector.
 sold 208   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

2nd series rolex bb, pretty scientic dial

this 2nd series bb has a very clean and pretty sand colour scientific redial, gold stick hands, watch works well, very clean overall condition, low price to sell, do not miss.
 sold 209   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

oversized manual wind 14k eaton century club 6422

this is a very pretty eaton century club, model 6422, it takes a man of 25 years of service to earn this watch, oversied 34mm, very attractive dress watch!!!
 sold 212   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

colour chance gilt 5513

this is a very rare colour change gilt dial submariner, just serviced, 1520 movement, 2 million series, very nice submariner not to be miss!!!
 sold 213   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

1968 early gmt 1675, co brand

this is a co brand tiffany 1968 gmt, very nice sport rolex with very pratical time zone indicator, original 20mm folded barcelet, a beauty and a must in any collection!!!
 sold 199   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

1992 white dial explorer 2 16570, box and paper

this is a very nice white dial explorer 2 16570, elegant looking, low price, all original with bo and guarntee punch paper, why pay retail?

 sold 218   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex 3 piece pink gold tropica bb, 3696

this is a very rare 40's tropica case, solid deep pink gold top bb, flat ss back, 3 pieces case construction, it has a wonderful original roman dial with light aged, extremely desitable piece, keep good time, not to miss!
 sold 219   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex explorer 114270 in box, 2003

very saught after explorer with fliplock, the latest model, for those who like to own a used timepiece but do not want to pay a regular price, light weaar, very pretty!!!
 sold 221   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex zeneith daytona, one owner 16523 with paper

one owner daytona looking for a new home, if u like a two tone daytona with diamond, this daytona with paper will not let u down, one owner, great all original but the box is no more around, gorgeous rolex!!!

 sold 227   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex oyster army, see action

if u like manual oyster rolex, this one will be a good piece for u, it has its unique case chracter, look at all the edges, survive in the action, case back engraved the military refernces, seeing action, not many of this original army around, not to be missed!

 sold 236   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex submariner 16610 1998, complete set

1998 complete set 16610 submariner, if u do not want to spent too much on the new submariner, this is almost as good, price to sell fast, do not miss!!
 sold 238   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

1999 2 tone daytona 16523-A series

very nice 2 tone daytona, very luxury looking, zeneith movement, last series of famous zenith movement, in my opinion this daytona is very much undervalued, low price, do not miss!
 sold 240   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex transitional gmt-16750, all original

this si a 1984 transitional gmt, 16750, with orig jubilee style band, aged luminuos, quickset movement, nice example, low price.( if u prefer oyster band, i have one new old stock 78360, end piece 580, $649usd.)
 sold 243   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

2001 rolex explorer 2, black dial 16570

very very pretty explorer 2, 90% condition , preferred black dial, K series, new style solid end links with flip lock, with box but no paper, why pay retail??
 sold 245   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

gmt 2 fat lady 16760, box/paper

here up for u to consider a rare tritium 9 million series 16760 gmt 2, it has its original paper, booklet, inner box, outer box( missing top cover) with 16760 sticker on it.
the watch runs well and with fat case, the case and band( 93150 flip lock), unpolished case, light aging dial and hands, consistent with the age.

overall a nice collectable watch
 sold 404   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

70's rolex gmt 1675 with open paper

this is a very nice and clean original 1675 with an open paper of the same period( it is also good for red sub, double red), watch is a 3.29 million series, partial readable due to bracelet wear, extra clean dial, very nice overall condition, u will not be disappointed.
 sold 412   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

1985 5513/5512 plastic submariner

this gloss dial submariner 9 million series, this one of the later batch of 5513 plastic, harder to come by at time passes by, a simple yet elegant rolex not to miss!!!

 sold 258   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex 1st series gmt 2, 16760, all black

this R series fat ladies gmt 2 is probably the most pretty and value for money rolex watch, grab this piece, enjoy the watch for its superior 3 time zone and excat submariner look, at the same time, watch the watch itself escalate in value!!!
 sold 270   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

3rd series bb 2940, original california dial

this is a very saught after semi california dial bb, very clean overall condition, runs well, original california dial is getting very hard to get, do not miss this example if u are collecting bb!!!
 sold 260   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

1987 very early R series gmt 2, 16710

this is an extremely early serial R for gmt 2, 16710, non fliplock band, all original, non rolex service paper for $500plus recently, very nice and soon will be a star!!!
 sold 266   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex datejust 1601, blue dial with guarantee paper

this ia a 95% in condition 3 million series datejust, still has its guarantee paper, making this simple watch collectable, chronometer grade, nice watch for a beginning into the rolex world.

 sold 263   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

early series tudor chrono time 9121

this si a very seldom seen marron dial chrono time with submariner style bezel with box , very hard to find in this neat condition, an integrated band like the ranger 2, do not miss!!!
 sold 264   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

discontinued 16700 gmt with original paper

grab this extremely nice 16700 before it go even higher, it comes with a matching T series orig punch paper, the watch is 90%, this modern vintage is getting harder to source in this condition, rolex stop the production of this gmt in 1999.


 sold 296   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

1st series gmt 2 16760, no date dial

very saught after first series gmt 2, without the "date" wording on the dial, the dial is lightly aged with vintage feeling, this kind of 1st batch dial only produce for early to mid 8 million series only,  very collectable!!!
 sold 301   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

1st series purple dial 2 tone sub 16803, paper

this is the first ever 2 tone submariner by rolex, the short transitional model with its paper, the dial has changed to interesting purple blue colour, beautiful diver watch not to be missed!!
 sold 313   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

1st series 1675 pointed gloss gilt, inner chapter dial

if u are looking for a 1st series 1675, this is one of the finest example u can find, pointed crown 1960 case, gloss gilt inner chapter dial, 1560 old butterfly movement, early pretty gmt!!!
 sold 302   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex submariner 1680 double name dial

very pretty 1680 with tiffany on the dial, 6 million series 1979 production, desirable submariner plastic date in good condition.
 sold 304   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

1966 gilt period 5513

this early mid 60's 1.4 million submariner 5513 is getting very desirable, it has fitted with a later tritium dial, if u have a gilt dial for it, it will be a very pretty piece, harder to surce earlier reference, just love it!!!
 sold 305   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

Archive of Sold Items

rolex oyster enamel cushion

first commercially successful 3 pieces cushion, large silver case 34mm, very desirable ultra prima movement, big oyster crown, wire lug, good piece!!!
 sold to hongkong on 13/3/05  Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex silver demi hunter

very rare demi hunter by rolex, large 36mm silver case, back flower engraved, telephone type of case front, dust cover, case back correctly signed "W&D', movement wheel signed rolex 15 jewels, running strong, big original onion crown, gorgeous examples.
 sold to italy  Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

silver borgel aviator

borgel cased early wristwatch is historically important waterproof watch, flawsless roman dial, rare silver FB case, 35mm, original onion crown, runs well, if u are now assembly the historic of early watches, u should not miss this one!
 sold to usa 10   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex oyster army 3139

rare model, this early army case made of ss but in a much inferior steel quality compare to the later 4647 case , original dial, mercedes hands!
 sold to japan 11   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

osyster royal, mirror dial

early 30's model, getting scare to get this original dial samples, only serial number for this early piece, no model number!
 sold to usa 13   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

oyster 4499, roman dial

rare original roman dial with large big sub second, large oversize case 35mm, blue pencil hands, nice watch!!!
 sold to australia 14   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

1st series ss

 sold to Mr Bill Shaine, USA 17   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

yellow thunderbird bezel

rare bezel

 sold to hongkong 25   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

mid size 5006

14k mirror dial
 sold to lim, malaysia 26   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

1st series bb

 sold to uk 29   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

oyster imperial chronometer 2595

flat bezel, high grade movement
 sold to japan 30   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

explorer texture cross dial

mint nos dial
 sold to japan 31   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

iwc mark 12 full sets

mint ladies iwc
 sold to italy 33   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

enamel calendar rolex marconi special

 sold to italy 51   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

silver borgel, roman enamel dial

 sold 57   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire


unique bezel
 sold to japan 38   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

lifesaver 3794

early 40's lifesaver

 sold 44   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex army 4647

 sold to taiwan 56   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex athlete

 sold to usa 53   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

manual wind king of wing

 sold to usa 54   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

ss pink gold viceroy 3359

 sold to usa 55   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

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