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vintage sport rolexes

currently the hottest watch in the market- rolex tools watch-sport series.

1st series 1961 5512, 2 colour dial, pointed

this is one of the earliset 5512, dated 1961, pls note the depth signing is in silver and the font is very alike to the no crown sub, inner chapter gloss gilt, aged show some age but still very nice, original ols butterfly 1530 movement, pointed case, rivited spring loaded band, come with a triangle top box, a must into any serious sub collection!!!
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rolex no crown submariner 5508, 2 colour dial

this is the early 1958 5508 2 colour gilt swiss dial,1530 butterfly movement, aftermarket replacement bezel, 20mm rivited bracelet, and  i will throw in a similar period guarantee, but this watch is a 40xxxx but the paper is 36xxxx. this early submariner is very hard to get, do not miss!!!
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rolex explorer 6610, with paper

one of the best early rolex explorer 6610 with guarantee paper, original gilt dial, inner chapter ring, rare find, late 50's.

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very rare rolex explorer 2, 16550, cream dial

this is a very nice and highly saught after watch, watch serial 9 million, one owner, never serviced, never polished, look at its own white gold hands and marker, gorgeous, and this original dial has a skew to left hand "L" unlike the 16550 white dial where the position is right in the middle, beware of fake bake cream dial, hahaha!!! 
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the most complete gmt 1675, pointed crown guard, circle gilt dial

this is by far the most complete early gmt i have seen, complete guarantee and timig certificate, desirable gilt dial( inner circle), inner and outer box, pointed crown guard, the owner turn down very good offer, i guess he do not want to sell, great watch!!!
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rolex tudor submariner, manual wind, 7923

this probably be the rarest tudor available in the online maket, have u seen the prototype tudor submariner? occasionally we may see 7922 or 7924, but not the manual 7923, especially in box and paper, agree???

this piece proof a lot of expert wrong!


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tudor no crown guard 7924

this is the 6538 version of rolex submariner, big brevet crown, able to go to 200m of depth but much less seen than the 6538.
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60's original explorer 1016, colour change "gilt dial"

very rare gilt dial, colour change, the most saught after version in this category, circa 60's, all oriignal, rivited 20mm band, very nice, u should not missed!
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rolex 16550 white dial explorer 2 in box n paper

explorer 2 16550 is certainly a rare transitional piece, this piece is a white dial, late 1987, although not as saught after as the cream brother nonetheless still very collectable.
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rolex submariner gilt dial 5513

rolex submariner gilt dial is probably one of very saught after early version 5513, house in typical 1520 movement, this piece go through changing of insert, service, crown, tube by rolex centre taiwan, paper included.

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1960 1st series 1675 gloss gilt pointed

if u are looking for a 1st series 1675, this is one of the finest example u can find, pointed crown 1960 case, gloss gilt inner chapter dial, 1560 old butterfly movement, the best u can get!!!
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"Navy exchange" 60's gmt gloss gilt, full paper works

up here for u to consider is a very pretty looking 1966 1.5 million gloss gilt gmt 1675 with original small arrow.

take a look at its full paper works down to the "navy exchange sales slip" and "sales tag", this is my first time seeing a watch with such details provenance in excellent condition.

it has both the timing and guarantee papers which all numbers are punched, and 100% correct to the watch, both numbers in between the lugs of the watch is clearly visible and matching the documents, and the movement number too matching the timing certificate.

the watch is all original unpolished, the case sideline is still quite sharp, the dial is good gloss gilt though some light aging, all texts and gilt paint are good, case back correctly dated II 66, 1570 movement clean shiny, runs well and keep time, and it has a light old style jubilee bracelet.

if u are into a rare watch with provenance, this is the one that u shouldn't miss!!!
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1971 rolex red submariner, 1680, box paper

up for sale a very rare red submariner 1680, early 70's, box paper, all original, hard to find piece, great piece to add in your sub collection!!!
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the rarest transitional submariner, 16800 with paper

this 16800 has a gilt dial that is unheard of, but it is guarantee all original, retailed in middle east in 1984, why is gilt dial appear in 80's? i don't know, i really hope somebody knew this pls share with me.
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ultra rare blue tiffany dial submariner 16613, 1989

u may have many rare sport rolexes, but to find one in double name is getting real hard, i have some black dial tiffany but the first time seeing a blue 2 tone submariner, L series, 1989, rolex stop the double name or co brand since 1992, making this more collectable!!!
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rolex submariner 5512, chronometer

this is probably the last series of 5512 in the mid 70's, it has the very mint dial that still grow, 1570 chronometer movement, great collectable submariner not to be miss!!!
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1963 pointed crown guard 5513, gilt dial

very nice pointy crown sub, uses 1530 movement unlike the normal later date 1520, original dial has some aging, still very attractive gilt dial, great case, very collectable 5513!!!
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one owner 5512 pcg

for u to consider a fresh from original owner 5512 pcg, circa 1961, serial 661xxx, caseback correct stamp 5512 1 61, the overall case condition is perfect and non polish, the dial is aged but original, the marker does look like old lume in the pics but it seems original to me and the owner insisted nothing was done to the watch before, the dial has the typical coronet for the early 5512, original dome cystral the handset appeared gilt toned.
the movement is nice and clean cal 1530, runs well and keeping good time, it is on a 11 links rivited band.
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1st series red dial submariner 1680, 200/660

this is an early type red sub with inverted 200/660, this is by far more desirable, take a look at its font, very thin unlike the later version, 2.2 million series, the watch is in average condition, never polished, left as it intentionally, do not miss on a early series red dial submariner.
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1st series 5513, gilt, gloss, pointed, underline

this is one of the first batch of 5513, 1963, 1.02 million serial, pointed crown guard, gilt gloss with an underline, 1530 movement, super rare not to be missed!!!
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rolex submariner, the transitional of the transitional submariner, 168000

if u think 16800 is rare, think again when u see a mysery model, it is a 168000, a 9 months production submariner in between 16800 and 16610, it uses the same case back as the 16800, still a 3035 movement( refine engraving), mid case correctly egraved 168000, R series for this piece, a rare submariner u do not want to miss!!!
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matte dial transitional submariner 16800

matte dial submariner is a very saught after model, it is rarer than its earlier model 1680, having an old style dial with sapphire cystral, house with 3035 movement, should have in any sub collection!!!
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80's transitional sea dweller, 16660

this is a very saught after sea dweller, trantisional model in between the 1655 and the 16600, a professional diver, a unique escape valve to release the air pressure, discontinue model, a must have too in your sub collecton!!!
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ultra rare matte dial 16660, mark 1 case back, box n paper

this little devil ( 666) is lately a popular talk in town, this watch has a desirable mark 1 case back( quite close the 1665), a flawless matte dial but a 9.4 million serial, strangely did not fall in the normal range, but it has all the paper and box from the original owner, rolex did it again!!!
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1964 perfect gloss gilt dial, 5513

this is by far the best gloss gilt dial i have seen, rich gilt colour, almost flawless dial, awesome, it has a 1530 movement not 1520, dome cystral, a wow wow watch!!!
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1963 rolex pointed submariner 5512

very hard to come by 5512 with pointed crown guard from 1963, 4 lines dial, 1560 movement, as u may know 5512 is very much small in number compare to 5513, do not miss!!!
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rolex 16760 first series gmt 2 complete set

very saught after first series gmt 2, without the "date" wording on the dial, the dial is very aged with spider crack however it is all original, with its tag, booklet, guarantee paper and box set, very collectable!!!
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1st series gmt 1675, gloss gilt minute chapter dial

this is probably the most desirable 1675, inner chapeter dial, gloss gilt, pointed crown guard, 1560 butterfly, all original 1960, very saught after!!!
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1st series gmt 2 , 16760, sophia loren

my friend Tom told me, this model nick name sophia loren, great 1st 8 million series 16760 gmt 2, very collectable, pls note that the dial is sign oyster perpetual only and not osyter perpetual date, a rare 1st batch!!!
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2nd series rolex gmt gloss gilt 1675

another very classy gloss gilt dial, extremely collectable, this square guard gloss gilt variant produce for a short time frame only, this piece is 1.2 million series, gorgeuos early gmt, do not miss!!!
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rolex gmt 1675, tropica brown dial

this si a very saught after early 1960 gmt, pointed crown guard, faded to brown inner chapter swiss dial, the small gmt hands is a new replacement, original folded bracelet, old butterfly 1560 movement, very nice original condition, do not miss!!!
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1st series "brown dial" pointed 1675, minute chapter dial

wow, this is a very nice brown dial 1960 1675 gmt pointed crown guard, this is the most saught after gmt after the 6542, 1560 movement, i have had some early gmt but not in brown dial, the 24 hours hand is new replacement, do not miss this rare watch!!!
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no crown guard gmt 6542, brown dial with paper

6542 is getting harder to source, this watch has a bakelite bezel but was broken, the owner had it replaced by 1675 metal bezel, the hands were new replacement, the dial is aged and faded to browny colour, the movement is a 1035 and case is very nice conition stamp 1958 at the inner case back, serial is 0.39 million, i will throw in a vintage 3 fold guarantee of the same year( 0.43 mil serial), a very nice set at a reasonable price tag.  
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1978 rolex submariner 5513, "maxi dial"

this 5 million series 5513 has a special oversize luminous marker, some collector call it a maxi dial, but this one is not exactly a maxi dial, but rather a near maxi dial, very neat overall condition, this dial variant is becoming very collectable, a pretty and simple submariner.
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rolex red sub 1680, 2.6 million series

this is a 1970 2.6 million series 1680 submariner date, very usual additional 2 sets of marking inside the caseback, the watch is currently in a white dial, so u will have a watch with both dials, the red dial is original but has flaws, as u can see the watch has a rolex centre service paper, grab it before it pass u!!!
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1978 submariner maxi dial 5512

u might have seen some 5513 maxi dial, but to get a maxi dial 5512 is very much difficult especially in this condition, the serial is the correct range as the 5513, 5.8 million, thin font, oversize marker, a very rare last batch 4 lines 5512 with plenty of character do not miss!!.


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rolex submariner mark 1 "maxi dial"

this is the hottest late series submariner 5513 in matte dial, thin font, open 6, submariner on top, luminous oversize and touching the minute marker, 5.8 million series, very nice watch, not many available in this condition.


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early L series 1st series 16523 daytona

this is a mk 3 dial, inverted 6 daytona, 2 tone in its original paper, not many of this early daytona at this price, do not miss!!
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early 1016, chapter dial

here for u to consider an early explorer circa 1962, serial 745xxx with original 2 tone gloss gilt chapter dial with exclamation point, markers could be a relumed, 1560 chronometer grade movement, correct case back 62 date stamp.
all original, the lug holes is a little big, maybe due to prolong use of larger spring bar( see pics).
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2nd series 1965 gilt gmt, with open paper

another very classy gloss gilt dial, extremely collectable, this square guard gloss gilt variant produce for a short time frame only, the series is hard to read around 1.4 million and the case back dated 1965, gorgeuos early gmt, do not miss it an original unfilled open paper of the same era!!!
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1970 submariner 5512, 4 lines chronometer

5512 is the chronometer version of 5513, much harder to come by, 4 lines dial, 1570 movement, the case back is a 5513 as many 5512 of that period, normal use, good avearge used condition, price to sell!!!
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rolex milgauss 6541

here for u to consider is an original project watch 6541, the case is very good and fat, no corosion and not dented, with both numbers clearly visible, 6541 and 41xxxx, caseback correctly dated lV 1958, and it still has its "ALLOY cap".

sadly, the dial was a redone on original base, and insert could be potentially for the big crown sub.

the watch has a 1066 M movement which is correct for the model, recently serviced, in good running condition, fitted with an american rivited band.
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rolex gmt 6542, bakelite, tropica dial

this 1959 6542 no crown guarad is the most saught after gmt, original bakelite bezel, brown tropica dial, replacement small arrow, red/black date, 1066 movement. spring loaded rivited 12 links band, a must for every serious collector.
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rolex 16550 rail dial

this is the twin brother of the famous cream dial explorer 16550, but it is in black dial, it can be instantly recognized its "rail alignment" of the word superlative chronometer offcially certified, 9 million series, though aged, still very charming, rare example to add into your collection!!!
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rarest tudor submariner 7923 box and paper

are u looking for something u can see in the book and no where to be found? this is the one, this piece is so hard to come by that even some expert think that it never exist, how come rolex will produce a submariner in manual winding?

u may find that the other grail big crown subs such as 6538, 6200, 5510, 7924 are easier to find than this one, simply because it is a fail design hence a very very few in production!!! but this is what a true collector will eye for. 

this is a truely very rare "red" 100/330 with red triangle insert sub tudor 7923 with box and paper, wowow!!!! a failure manual wind design, as u can see this watch has a very clear reference and model number, no question.

the pencil hands is a replacement sets, however i will add in an original gilt hand set for the buyer.
watch is in very nice overall condition, manual wind movement runs well.

now come to the most difficult part, the pricing!!!
it is a tudor, but a very scarce one, probably the only prototype of rolexes line in manual winding, hence, it is a very significant piece for very serious collector.
i have researched everywhere for a price reference, and the closest answer i have is the other 7923 i have sold 9 months ago for $16000usd.

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1st series "black out" explorer

here on offer a hard to come by 1 st series 14270, the lum was not applied on the 3 6 9 marker, hence people call it "black out" explorer.
it happen to the very first batch of 14270, with t swiss t< 25.
this piece were owned by a japanese, who had a service estimate by rolex japan, it is an E 9xxxxxx, overall the watch is very nice and clean, a small dick on the cystral on the 6 o clock, doesn't bother me.
bracelet is a 13 links 558b/78360.
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1968 2nd series 1675 with box and paper

Are u always looking for the 2nd series gmt 1675 with an original punch paper and box?? if u are only collect rolexes with box and paper, this is for u!!!

This is a highly collectable 1968 2nd series gmt master 1675 , has an very nice and clean matte dial, if  this gmt need very little introduction, great sport watch , ready to serve u everyday.

this is a model 1675 square crown guard, circa 1968, 1.9 million series, caseback correct engraved 1968, as u may know this early gmt is one of the hardest to source early gmt after the no crown guard 6542 and the best thing it come with booklet style original guarantee punch paper with matching serial for its period, wow!!!

this gmt has a very pretty original dial, very classy character , it has a unique case body contruction,  39mm in diameter,  original mercedes hands, it is house with its typical calibre 1570 movement for this era, in great working condition , come with an original 20mm jubilee band, superb vintage sport series by any measure.

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168000 with punch guarantee paper

a transitional of the transitional model, the shortest production submariner, R series, very nice watch, i would rate 95% overall condition, do not miss!!
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mark 2 maxi dial 5513

this watch has a dial which is called a mark 2 maxi dial, correct serial 5.8 million, this kind of dial variant is getting popular amongst the collector, very nice patina, all original, works well, do not miss!!!
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early explorer 6610, gitl dial, big bubble hand

this is a rare early 6610, immediate transition after the 6350, note it still with its big bubble second hand, original gilt swiss dial, both the serial and model were hard to see, and i have throw in a warranty card of the same period as compliment. do not miss!!!


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very rare cream marker 16550

this is a very nice R series 1987 transitional 16550, cream/yellow marker, a very interesting variant of the white dial tritium explorer.
watch is very nice with a fliplock band, runs well but not recently serviced.

i will let the pics do the talking.

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mk 1 maxi dial 5512

very nice mark 1 maxi dial 5512, 5.4 million, circa 1978, one of the very last 5512 ever produce, lovely oversize patina marker and hands, 1570 choronometer grade movement, both serial and model number is clearly visible, on a 93150/580 11 links band, maxi dial 5512 is very hard to come by, do not miss!!


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military gmt pointed crown guard

this is a very unique pointed crown guard, how often u see a military issue pilot watch that see action?
it is also one of the last 1963 issue with pointed profile and it has a highly saught after tropica dial.
2 moths ago, a similar pointed 5513 with military unit incribe at the case back sold for $25000 in ebay, besides its underline dial i think the military background does contribute to the record.

ok, come to this watch, serial 1.08 million, both model and serial visible at both lugs, case back correct dated 63, the main case is not polished at all, u can still see the side sharp profile on the lugs.
the dial has turned to light choc colour, as seen on the scans, it has some marks but overall still a beauty.
the small triangle hand is a replacement, movement is an older 1560 version correct for the year, runs well but not recently serviced, fitted on a light folded jubilee band.

do not miss out this watch if u are collecting "military issue/version of sport rolexes".

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galaxy 5500 boy explorer

this is a 1963 boy explorer, only made for uk market, extremely hard to come by, aged swiss only gilt dial, gilt hands, 1530 movement, with a light oyster bracelet, keep this in your explorer collection.
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comex style coronet 5513, mk 1 maxi

this mid 70's 4.2 million series 5513 has a comex style coronet matte dial very clean( the scratch u see is on the cystral not on the dial), very unique, it has an oversize marker, also call as mk 1 maxi dial, super dome arcylic, faded bezel, all numbers visible between the lugs, a very handsome looking submariner, do not miss.

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mysery 168033 submariner

this is a very nice condition early 2 tone submariner, the 2 tone version for 168000 according to its 9.7 million serial, circa 1986 with its box and paper.

watch is fat and nice, regular wear, minor aging on dial, 93153/493 band, all original.

this watch is still offered at very reasonable price, do not miss!!!
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1st series gmt 2 fat lady, 16760

this is a very seldom seen first batch 8 million series gmt 2, nick name "fat lady", "no date" meaning the text read as oyster perpetual rather than the later oyster perpetual date.

watch come with a box and the 16760 booklet.

the dial turn "matte", this is another unusual feature due to gloss fading, the dial has some fading spot but it is all original and never redone.

watch is in good cosmetic condition, case is fat as it should, red black bezel insert, nice and clean 3085 movement, runs well, also thick 78360/558 band.

not many 16760 around especially the 1st series, grab it before it soar again.
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16570 cream dial with paper

wow, this is a very rare version of 16570, the dial turn yellow, this is the second time i see this variation, watch in absolutely top condition, with its original paper, do not miss!!
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16800 tiffany submariner, double name

 here an original gloss dial 8.51 mil series, circa 1984/85 rolex submariner 16800, retailed by tiffany, no box/paper, but guarantee original tiffany dial mint, the hands is however a luminova.
watch is very nice with 12 links 93150/593.
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1965 tudor submariner, inner chapter dial 7928

this is a very nice 7928, circa 1965, serial is 5066xx, very visible on both lugs, correct silver/gilt " t swiss t" chapter dial, possible relume on markers and hand.

the case is fat and looks very much unpolished, case back correctly date stamp 65, movement 390 runs well and keeping time, i have added a green nato band on it.
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1954 1st patented submariner 6205

this is an ultra rare submariner, maybe the first batch with reset serial 214xx that have the word submariner printed on the dial, seen a few 212/213 serial without submariner word on it, this 1st submariner has a semi bb cal 260, the bezel is an aftermarket, all others original, watches of this era has the unique pencil hands, clean and thick case with all numbers visible, very rare, do not miss!!
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ultra rare big crown 5510

i believe it is the earliest batch of 5510, circa l 1958, serial 36xxxx, both serial and model numbers clearly in between the lugs, case back also correct date stamp.

the watch is belived never been to service, never polish as evidence by its noticable bevel lines of the 4 lugs, and take a look at the aryclic, i do not know the owner can stand

the insert has turned to the faded darker blue, the alloy bezel is turning freely bi-direction, the same goes to the big brevet crown, pull and set time with no problem.
it still retained the important gilt hands set with big bubble seconds, though the lum on the hands are long gone, i think the lum drop to the dial surface, and hence making the dial a "galaxy" version, nonetheless the dial is very original, and i think it is very important to the purist.
the case back has a few teeth has some flaws due to the improper tools forcing the case back to open by the idiot, the movement is one of the earliest 1530, still going strong and keeping time.
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daytona zenith 16520 "A" full set

very nice full set 16520 A series daytona, a must for collector who are looking for a rarer series zenith movement, in complete mint condition.
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80's transitional gmt 16753 full set

here i have a very nice full set 16753 transitional gmt for u to consider, it is from the original owner with all documents and inner/outer box as shown on scans, this is a 18k/ss model, both numbers were correct and matching the guarantee paper, it has a correct 50/450 jubilee band.

watch runs well and keeping good time.

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1st batch gloss "no date" gmt 16750

here a nice transitional 16750 gloss dial, believed to be the 1st batch transition between the matte to gloss, 8.33 mil serial with a dial only sign "oyster perpetual", unlike the "oyster perpetual date" in the later version. very much like the twin sister "no date" fat lady 16760 of the same period. this 16750 is in nice condition, it has its original matching guarantee paper, booklet, and even the purchase receipt back in the 80's. the insert, dial and hands show sign of aged, but all original to the watch. the movement runs well and keeping good time, watch come with a heavy 78360/580 . this watch is ideal for those wanted a modern collectable sport rolex with some special dial feature with its provenance.
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illusive "blackout" explorer

for u to consider an illusive model, E series blackout explorer 14270 with its service paper, it is arguably the rarest of all sapphire model rolex, this is the 1st crossover issue from 1016 where the 3 6 9 marker is left blank without applying the luminous material, this batch was existed for a short period of time before it starts off it regular more practical luminous applying on all the markers. very collectable, if u are a hardcore collector, u know what i meant.
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1967 5512 meter first

for u to consider a 1.7m, 5512 meter first, both serial and model are visibly, caseback correctly stamp lV 67, nice watch overall, the dial and hands did have a lume touch up but look nice.
the movement is a 1570, runs well and keeping good time, it does have a service paper from ben brigge back in year 2000.
a meter first 5512 is rather hard to come by, this one come with a 12 links thick 93150/501b.
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very rare explorer 5500 gloss gilt

for u to condier is a rare 5500 explorer, very original nice case, aged but original dial with swiss dial and added t watch circa 1966 with serial 1.2m and case back correctly dated 66, it has a cal 1530 movemnt working well, coming with a think 78350/557 12 links.
i believe a gilt 5500 with this kind of dial is hard to come by, do not miss.
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early explorer 5504 gilt/silver chapter dial

another rare 1963 20mm super precision gilt/silver swiss chapter dial 5504, 9xxxxx serial, caseback correctly engraved 63, clean cal 1530 movement runs well, very nice, hard to come by.
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rare occ turn o graph 6202

for u to consider a rare dial version of turn o graph, circa 1954, serial 951xxx, the dial has a paint touch up ard 3 o clock area, but still appear very nice, it has an aftermarket bezel.
the case is nice with its typical 18 engraved at one of the back lugs, the bb movement is running great, and watch is keeping time,coming a green nato band.
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elusive james bond 6536 6538

this brevet 6536 is probably one of the most desirable thick case model just like the 6538, 5510 big crown, with its serial 89xxx, putting this amongst the earliest submariner after model 6204 6205 6200, this piece has a gilt gloss service dial, very pretty, non chronometer grade 1030, separate it from the 6538 with 200m 1030 chronometer grade movement, rare rare bird.
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1963 5513 pcg

this is a circa 63, serial 101xxxx pointed crown guard, it has a fairly nice gilt gloss swiss only dial, these pointed 5513 is getting harder to source nowadays.
the case is fairly thick and clean, both serial and model are clearly visible in between the lugs, caseback is correctly stamp 111 63, power with cal 1530, runs well and keeping good time.
the arylic is a flat aftermarket version and making the bezel very tight, not easy to rotate.
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extremely rare occ 5512 gilt

very seldom seen very early round crown guard 1.3m series with 2 tone gilt/silver print dial, this one has an "occ" dial, correct 1560 movement, serial and model visible, rare bird!!!
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elusive red 100/330 6536/38

this brevet double reference 6536/38 is probably one of the most desirable thick case model just like the 6538, 5510 big crown, with its serial 89xxx( only correct for this serial range), u might find many 6538 or 5510, but not this double reference.

the serial putting this amongst the earliest submariner after model 6204 6205 6200, this piece has an aged original red depth 100/330, exceeding rare, non chronometer grade 1030, separate it from the 6538 with 200m 1030 chronometer grade movement, rare rare bird.

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5504 dress explorer

extremely rare 36mm dress explorer, model 5504, i bet u have not seen many 5504 has the word explorer on it on the dress model, circa 1958, serial 373xxx, calibre 1530, nice clean original example.

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gmt 2 16710, x series

very saught after minty pepsi, hottest stuff for gmt series, runs well with recent serviced, watch only, do not missed!!!
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