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vintage sport rolexes

currently the hottest watch in the market- rolex tools watch-sport series.

rarest tudor submariner 7923 box and paper

are u looking for something u can see in the book and no where to be found? this is the one, this piece is so hard to come by that even some expert think that it never exist, how come rolex will produce a submariner in manual winding?

u may find that the other grail big crown subs such as 6538, 6200, 5510, 7924 are easier to find than this one, simply because it is a fail design hence a very very few in production!!! but this is what a true collector will eye for. 

this is a truely very rare "red" 100/330 with red triangle insert sub tudor 7923 with box and paper, wowow!!!! a failure manual wind design, as u can see this watch has a very clear reference and model number, no question.

the pencil hands is a replacement sets, however i will add in an original gilt hand set for the buyer.
watch is in very nice overall condition, manual wind movement runs well.

now come to the most difficult part, the pricing!!!
it is a tudor, but a very scarce one, probably the only prototype of rolexes line in manual winding, hence, it is a very significant piece for very serious collector.
i have researched everywhere for a price reference, and the closest answer i have is the other 7923 i have sold 9 months ago for $16000usd.

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