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early oyster variants-"case"

this section focus on early rolex oyster with different case shape construction, such as viceroy, army, athlete, kings of wing, cushion, octagon, manual wind bb, egytian etc.

examples in the picture is a rare double name 3 tones oyster egytian bafico, NFS.

very rare oyster hooded, 3069

very seldom seen oyster hooded, solid 9k, orig dial, in oyster shapre box, rare find!!

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osyter athlete 4127

very rarely seen athlete straight lug, orig dial, aged copper colour, mercedes hand, another case variation.
 sold 138   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

oyster manual bb

this is an early manual bb shape oyster, predecessor to bb, flat back, very pretty orig 2 tones pink dial, mercedes hands, rare find!!!
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rare rolex oyster, everest 3139

this is one of the very beautiful dial early oyster, in memoral for the RAF pilots over the everest mountain in the 30's, three tone orig dial, case in 3139 army type case, in orig oyster box, very nice.
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oyster hooded, pink gold/ss

very seldom seen early boy size manual oyster hooded, in pink gold and ss, rare find.
 sold 87   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

early manual wind bb 1873

very rare original mirror dial oyster, predecessor to bb, double dial mappin, good watches!!!
 sold 112   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex viceroy pink dot bezel, black california dial

this is a very rare viceroy 3359, pink dot bezel, original black semi california dial, very hard to come by, one of the important oyster variant, investment piece!
 sold 144   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

ultra rare oyster "lifesaver" scientific dial

this is one of the hardest oyster case variant to locate, look at its wide double step bezel, hidden lug, and also the great original scientific dial, certainly a must for any serious collection!!!
 NFS 153   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

original rolex oyster cushion, rare criss cross dial

this is the original oyster cushion in the 20's, milled bezel, 3 pieces case, nice criss cross dial, clean snowhite case, very rare onion oyster crown, very nice overall condition!!
 sold 180   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex manual bb, beyer dial, very rare

this is a very early predecessor to bb, very rare double signed beyer dial, ultra prima, big oyster crown, 3 pieces case, excellent piece to own!
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rolex viceroy 3359, engined turned bezel, black california dial

if u collect early rolex, and like the black california dial, this is  must, it has a unique bezel, gilt original black cali dial, completely original watch, hard to come by.
 sold 184   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

18k pink gold manual wind bb, 3009

this is a very rare 3 pieces case early 40's manual wind bb, all original, chronometer grade movement, it is getting harder to find this model at time goes by especially in pink gold, do not miss if u want to wear or collect some unique early rolexes.
 sold 402   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

30's 1st series manual bb

excellent example of early oyster with interesting 2 colours mirror dial, this early model has a 3 pieces case just like the 1st series automatic bb, there is no model yet, only the serial number date it to year 1934, u can instantly spot the dial writing, it is just a simple rolex oyster with no coronet yet on the dial, very hard to come by, do not miss.

 sold 347   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

early 30's oyster " egyptian"

this is a very rare egyptian, very unique case construction, the gold is surround the steel bezel, i think the hands also made of gold, all original from the 30's, diameter 30mm without crown, if u are collecting early rolexes, this is a must have variants.


 sold 400   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex 3139, "army case" elegante

another great watch for the early oyster collector, this elegante is cased on the typical "army case", with the same refernce 3139, desirable original california 24 hours dial, do not miss.
 sold 421   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex calatrava 9083

this is a very seldo seen oversized thin case 35mm integrated bracelet rolex calatrava, model 9083, original texture dial, 17 jewels runs well, very hard to come by, do not miss.
 sold 435   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

oyster "army" 3139

very rare 40's all original mirror dial 3139, army case, dial signed army, top hat crown, movement runs runs well, if u are a serious early rolex collector, do not miss this one.
 sold 466   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

oyster "everest" 3139

another very nice army case 3139, but this one signed " everest", very rare original dial, show aged, but if u are collecting early rolex, any oyster bearing "everest" is very hard to come by, all correct from the early 40's, do not miss.
 sold 467   Latest Additions  Order/Enquire

rolex army black california dial 3139

another rare black dial army for sale, model 3139, the gilt print is almost faded but the wording can still be seen from certain angle, very nice early military rolex, recently serviced, all original, do not miss.
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1st series manual wind bb

this is a very early manual wind bb shape oyster, it has everything the same with the 1st series automatic bb, from the case back( with the typical star with no model number) to the body shape, crown, but this is a rarer version in manual winding, runs well, hard to come by.
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