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early enamel variants

this category mainly focus on early wristwatches in enamel dial, they appear in many case construction, such as half hunter, full hunter, borgel, hermtic, semi hermetic, full hermetic, 8 days, direct read, chronograph, calendar, officer trench, left hand, 3 pieces oyster case etc.

examples in the picture is a 9k beautiful enamel cushion by rolex, NFS.

rolex silver screw back & front case

pre oyster case designed, early attempt for moistureproof and dustproof, silver hallmark case, getting hard to find this variation, nice enamel dial, case back engraved scre front & backsilver bracelet, 28mm in diameter without crown, in working condition.
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rolex octagon enamel, ultra prima

rare octagon early cushion, big size 34mm, big vintage oyster crown, enamel dial with some lines but still very attractive, snowwhite case, ultra prima movement running stong, dust cover, very nice examples.

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early 9k rolex dunkling screw back

model 4499, very attractive enamel dial, double sign 'Dunkling", Australia retailer, a minor line between 10.30 to 11, big case 35mm, screw back, early waterproof design, very rare 18 jewels sign on bridge not wheel, solid 9k case, working condition, may required oiling. 
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rolex blue bezel enamel dial, double sign

very are attractive ladies rolex, enamel dunkling melbourne double dial, 30mm, tripped sign, good working condition, original silver blue bracelet, rare examples.
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ladies enamel left hand

this is a very attractive and rare left hand ladies enamel watch, no name, solid 9k case, running strong, see how u set and wind if u are right hander!!! beautiful watch.

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omega 9k semi hermetic

early waterproof attempt, 35mm, modified version of full hermetic, semi hermetic, mint 9k solid gold case by omega, flawless enamel dial, look at its beautiful gold hands, crisp bezel, trippled signed, not many survived in this condition 95% after almost 90 years, one fine early example that u should not miss!!!

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enamel chronograph

one button chronograph is very desirable variants for enamel watches, big 37mm case, gold filled, onion crown, beautiful dial, good working condition, should not miss!

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rare rolex borgel rebberg

this is a very rare piece, rolex rebberg in borgel case, pin set, 32mm without crown, as rare as it gets!
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sterling silver rolex demi hunter

very rare rolex half hunter, silver case, smaller inner enamel dial flawless, 35mm, screw back, correctly hallmark, nice watch!!!
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enamel calendar

very rare calendar watch, 1st series
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rolex dunkling full hunter with papers

this piece come together with its presentation paper from 30's, a true historic piece, silver cased 35mm, screw back, push up front, very nice, need help, something wrong with the wheel.
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rolex full hermetic 4 pieces case

very hard to come by full hermetic rolex, enamel dial, silver case 33mm, very collectable!
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very rare 18k full hermetic, excellent enamel dial

this is a very important piece of art in the wristwatch history, a piece which is designed to prevent the elements of dust, mositure from aking the watch non dependable, not a commercial success, therefore not many survive, expecially in this extra nice condition.
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oyster octagon, 18k, scientific enamel

this is my grail watch, very very rare 18k octagon with the most desirable enamel scientific dial, double sunk, with the word scientific on it, chronometer grade, with box and paper, wow!!!
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